Maddy is loving swimming lessons, thanks so much for making it such a fun and stress free environment for her.

Sarah Sangster

We were at Muruwai Beach, swimming between the flags.

I noticed 2 girls, probably 5 or 6 years old, in trouble. I alerted my dad and we tried to find a lifesaver, but they were all busy. We decided to go in because the girls were under and we feared for their lives.
My dad managed to get hold of one girl, and I took the other one. The current was really strong, and I realized I need to stay calm and apply the skills I learned when I took swimming lessons. I floated to reserve energy and didn’t fight the strong currents that took us in deeper.
I finally managed to get us safely to the shore when a strong wave came and I could swim with her, trying to keep her above the water. It was really exhausting and a very frightening experience. If it wasn’t for the swimming lessons and water safety skills I learned at Farm Cove Swim School I probably wouldn’t have been able to save her life.

Zade, 11 years old

Definitely the best Swim School in the area. James has improved so much and has become a very competent swimmer. He has mastered the breathing technique thanks to his great Instructor. It’s so much more relaxing going to the beach or a pool now, knowing he can swim. And the Playroom next to the pool is great!


Just wanted to say thank you sooo much Abby is loving your swim school (after just one lesson) and is such a different little girl I have heard from Dave and watched the videos he has taken for me so I don’t miss out haha.