3 – 5 years

Once little people discover what happens when they’re in water, they usually love the feeling of buoyancy, being weightless and the amazing feeling of being able to do splashes and tricks.  With these discoveries come the dangers water brings and that’s why this age group is so vulnerable to drowning.  Children this age are quite often fearless and the importance of teaching children water safety and the ability to swim cannot be emphasized enough.

The little ones also enjoy the warm water and the one-on-one teaching they receive.  Bonding and trusting the Instructor is a vital part of teaching this age group.

They will learn:

  • Water confidence, submerging, blowing bubbles
  • Floating on front and back, rotation
  • Streamline Gliding
  • Kicking and using arms
  • Breathing technique 


Pre-schoolers swim from 9am – 3pm, Monday to Friday.